Whilst the Club house is progressing well, it won’t be ready for a Christmas opening..


But we are planning “NOT” to have a Christmas lunch on Saturday the 22nd!

The choices will be;

Chicken curry and Rice or Chips
Spaghetti Bolognese
Chilli with Rice,Chips or Nachos
Sweet and Sour Pork
Cottage pie and Peas
There will be bits before hand and a selection of puddings..£5 a head without, £7 with a pudding
Glass hire will be available..but you can bring your own
Children under 12 eat for free
Serving at one finishing when we finish…

Everyone is welcome,families and friends too…BUT..I WOULD ASK YOU TO PRE-ORDER BY MONDAY 17th….
I have no problem if you, then can’t make it,it will always freeze but we don’t want to be running out on the day…

PLEASE Email on contact@henstridgeairfield.com or let us know in the café between now and the 17th..but please
Make sure we write it down…