Covid Policy

The Airfield –

Things simply aren’t getting any better and no firm guidance seems forthcoming. As I said earlier it seems the onus rests on us to keep one another as safe as we can. 

The airfield will continue to function, but, please with due regard to one another. 

Flying continues, but I am asking anyone coming to the airfield to do a lateral flow test and achieve a negative result before arriving. 

Based pilots, please continue to pre-notify flights and let me know if fuel is required. Visitors strict prior permission should be sought. This is for your safety. 

When the Radio isn’t manned, blind calls on frequency 130.255. circuits to the south, only. And please avoid over flight of surrounding noise sensitive areas. 

Fuelling, please use the sanitiser provided. 

Hangars, please respect 2m social distancing. 

Toilets will be accessible at the clubhouse all days 9 till 4. 

Please achieve a negative lateral flow test result before you arrive, wear a mask when standing, use sanitiser on entry and sign in. Please don’t alter doors or windows. 

Please continue to log all flights using the button below.

The Cafe –

We ask that you hand sanitise on your way in and sign the visitors book with a contact number.and that you wear a mask whilst standing.If Staff remind you they are doing so on My behalf.
Seating is spaced,if groups want to draw it together,please put it back when you leave..
We have installed CO2 monitors with the intention of keeping levels below 800ppm as a level of good ventilation,you will see windows adjusted from time to time,we will keep it as warm as we can,but Please don’t readjust the windows.
We still advise you to pre-book to help us and save you waiting too long,it seems to work.

The menu remains restricted and omelettes still not an option,but we hope to reintroduce specials shortly and will advise.

Small breakfast..£6..Large..£8.
Sausage,bacon or egg rolls..£3.50 add a second filling..add £1…
Chilli or Chicken curry with rice or chips..£7.50
Ham egg and chips..£7
Sausage,egg,chips and beans..£7
Spaghetti Bolognaise..£7.50
Cheesy chips..£3.50
Cheesy chips with bacon..£4.50
Sandwich and baguette fillings.
Tuna mayo,Tuna mayo and sweetcorn, cucumber or cheese. Cheese and tomato or onion,Ham,Ham and Mustard,Ham and cheese or tomato.Bacon,Bacon and Egg,Sausage.Sausage with onion,
Other Fillings,ASK,the worst you’ll get is NO.


Welcome to Henstridge Airfield….

A friendly general aviation airfield near Wincanton, Somerset.

What is Henstridge?

Henstridge airfield is not only a busy hub for pilots and flying students,  it is also host to numerous other events throughout the year. There’s vintage car and ‘plane days, car boot sales, charity events and much much more!

What happens here?

There’s always something going on, with visiting and resident aircraft of all types arriving and departing. We have four Tiger Moths based at Henstridge, there are microlights, gyrocopters, the Yakovlev display team, and more. We are also home to the Dorset & Somerset Air Ambulance and various events throughout the year raise funds to help this worthy cause.

The Clubhouse:

There’s a lively club atmosphere at weekends and visitors are very welcome by air, car or motorcycle.  At weekends hot food is available including Chilli-con-carne, curries, sandwiches and Geoff’s famous breakfast fry-up.  The kitchen is open 10.00-2.00, at all other times snacks, confectionery, ice-creams and Tea/Coffee  are available.

Sunday Lunch:

SUNDAY SPECIALS CURRENTLY SUSPENDED….Please see menu at top of home page
There’s usually a crowd in for Sunday lunch, even when the weather’s no good for flying. Geoff creates a “Sunday Special” set menu, alongside the usual choices.  Booking advisable..All meat produce is sourced locally from a family butcher, including prime joints and delicious home-made sausages, burgers and faggots!

Potted history of the airfield:

Henstridge airfield was originally a wartime Fleet Air Arm training site, designated HMS Dipper. After the war Henstridge was taken over by private individuals and  has been an active airfield in one form or another ever since! You can see more of the airfield’s fascinating past in the history section in the drop-down menu.

Please visit and “like” our facebook page too…

Contact: Ops/PPR 01963 364231     email:     Address: Henstridge Airfield, Henstridge, Somerset BA8 0TN