Information for local residents…

For many years Henstridge Airfield has had in place a noise abatement policy which was agreed with local District and Parish Councils, in order that it can exist in harmony with its neighbours.

The Airfield is situated in ‘free’ airspace.  With the exception of Yeovilton airspace there are virtually no lawful restrictions on aircraft movements for many miles around.  We are effectively asking our resident aircraft, by complying with this policy, to forfeit some of the rights conferred upon them by the Air Navigation Order (ANO), in exchange for residence at the airfield.

Our noise abatement policy applies to aircraft resident at Henstridge, and those visiting the airfield by air. There is no obligation on aircraft from other nearby airfields, and the hundreds of farm strips in the South West, to comply as they fly by on their lawful business.

Please note; The safety of each flight, as determined by the pilot, overrides all other considerations.

In the same way that there is no such thing as a silent farm, lawn mower, motorcycle, neighbour or even church, we cannot completely eliminate noise generated by the airfield! However if you have an observation concerning aircraft noise, we would like to hear it in order that we may have the opportunity address it. Please email the airfield owner using  All e-mails are treated in confidence.  Unless you ask otherwise, we will keep a record of the e-mail addresses of those who contact us in order that we can advise them in advance of any event which may involve more activity than usual at the airfield.

Please note that a non-specific complaint about noise in general cannot be accepted.  To follow up a complaint we will need at least a time and place of the alleged incident, and if possible a description of the aircraft involved.  We maintain minute-by minute records of aircraft landing and taking off from the airfield, with this detailed information  we can determine whether or not the aircraft in question is one of ours and take appropriate action.