Notice Board

Seventeenth Annual Wings and Wheels Fly-in and Classic Car event. Saturday 27th August

 See EVENTS for more information.


Op hours for visiting aircraft: 9 am to 5 pm local, or sunset if earlier.

Runways   07/25,   750 x 26 metres, asphalt, unlicensed.

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Landing Fees

  • Microlights & gyrocopters, £5.
  • Single/twin, £10.

Aviation Fuels per litre

  • Avgas 100LL      £1.50 inc VAT
  • Avgas UL91       £1.50 inc VAT
  • Jet A-1               £0.66 inc VAT

Cash or credit card payments only, please.  We accept all the major credit cards for sums in excess of £10.  Note that cheques are not accepted at the airfield.