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Seventeenth Annual Wings and Wheels Fly-in and Classic Car event.

27th August

 See EVENTS for more information soon.


NATS who operate the AFPEx system are adamant, despite our limited use of the system, that we are commercial users and must pay £1995 per annum for the privilege.  In the current economic climate this is something that we cannot afford.

With immediate effect we will no longer be able to create, file, open, close nor monitor flight plans that reference EGHS.

Whilst some may view this as a safety issue as we will no longer be aware of your ETA at the field and thus be unable to take the appropriate action when you do not arrive, the airfield is PPR and we should be aware of your impending arrival.  If you phone, text or email the airfield with your ETA we will endeavour to provide a watching brief.

Phone number: +44(0)1963 364231

Text: +44(0)7813 901643



Op hours for visiting aircraft: 9 am to 5 pm local, or sunset if earlier.

Runways   07/25,   750 x 26 metres, asphalt, unlicensed.

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Free tie-downs – For anyone who can get out, but can’t get back into a waterlogged field….. Come to Henstridge and keep flying, for as long as it takes for your conditions to improve.  Landing fees may be waived at the management’s discretion.  Phone Geoff if you are interested:              01963 363866 or 07813 901643

IF YOU ARE BOGGED IN…..and Currency is becoming an issue…

Henstridge Airfield ….Would like to offer…

TB10.  An hour with an instructor.  Achieve your three landings and take-offs, and your hour with an instructor in your second year of your type rating, if required. Get signed off on a variable pitch prop, and also checked out on a plane that you can use at Henstridge whilst you cannot get your plane own out of your field.  You need 100 hours minimum total time, for insurance purposes.  Available 7 days a week if the weather allows.    £125.00.for the hour.

 PA 28 160.  Fly as P1 with one of our pilots familiar with the plane, or an instructor if you need one.  Bonus here is you can get your Bi-ennual check (with instructor), achieve your 3 landings and take-offs and get checked out.  No hours issues with the insurance…again a plane you can then use from Henstridge if yours is bogged in at your airstip.  Available flyable days at Weekends only.    £75 for the hour.   £100 with an instructor.
 Rallye Commodore 150.  Fly with one of our pilots familiar with the plane. Instructor available if needed. This type of plane you need to have flown before, or get checked first. Fly from the right hand seat first, as it only has left hand brakes. Swap to the left when you are competent ……get your three landings and take-offs.  Biennial with the instructor when you need it.  The aeroplane is available 7 days a week.  100 hours total time needed for insurance.  £75 for the hour.  100 with the instructor. Thereafter its yours to use…until you can get yours out of your boggy field.
Contact…Geoff…01963 363866..  6am to 6pm weekdays…or mobile 07813 weekends…

Landing Fees

  • Microlights & gyrocopters, £5.
  • Single/twin, £10.

Aviation Fuels per litre

  • Avgas 100LL      £1.40 inc VAT
  • Avgas UL91       £1.40 inc VAT
  • Jet A-1               £0.65 inc VAT

Cash or credit card payments only, please.  We accept all the major credit cards for sums in excess of £10.  Note that cheques are not accepted at the airfield.