Flying to Henstridge


Phone 01963 364231 

Non-radio aircraft are STRICTLY PPR on telephone number 01963.364231.
From time to time the radio will be unmanned.  If there is no response on the frequency above, then continue and make blind calls as appropriate.
See the map and the words below the map for further information.


If you wish to view a PDF and print this map click this link.  Noise abatement map

The safe conduct of your flight overrides all other considerations.

  • If you are happy to join and land from an abbreviated circuit, then that is best for noise abatement.  If you prefer a standard overhead join & circuit, please do so.
  • Our circuit is a standard pattern to the south  at 800’ QFE.

Telephone Ops 01963 364231 on the day with this map in front of you.  We can then advise you according to the runway in use, and any other factors concerning the day.

A small WIND TURBINE is situated near the airfield.  It is approx 300m south of the centreline on the approach to runway 07 about 600m short of the threshold.  It is 80ft AGL.   Two white blades make it easy to see.

Taxi with care.  All hard surfaces away from the runway are subject to erosion.   F.O.D is   possible.

Runway 25 – Left Hand Circuit.

  1. Joining from the East.  A straight-in approach is acceptable if the circuit is empty.  Plan your route to a point on the A30 about 4 miles or so East of the field.  Keep the A30 on your right and you will be led in on long final.
  2. If the circuit is active join for an abbreviated circuit, or standard overhead join if you wish.

If you wish to print this map click this link.  Runway 25

Runway 07 – Right Hand Circuit.

  1. Joining from the West A straight-in approach is acceptable if the circuit is empty.  An offset long final approach may be made between the villages with a jink to the right as you approach the touchdown to avoid the small pink blob (west of the airfield) on the noise abatement map, keeping the small wind turbine just on your right.  The built-up area on short final is mainly industrial.
  2. If the circuit is active join for an abbreviated circuit.  Overhead joins are acceptable, but do not overfly any part of the avoid areas around Henstridge village or Higher Marsh, regardless of height.  If possible keep the ponds on your left.
  3. Beware being blown towards the village on the final turn if the wind has a southerly component.  


If you wish to print this map click this link. Runway 07

Hard copies of the Henstridge Airfield Noise Abatemant Map in A5 knee pad size are available from the Ops desk.

Departing aircraft should obtain a briefing from the Ops desk.

If possible make left turns when departing from 25… keeping the Marsh Lane Fish ponds on your right.


NATS who operate the AFPEx system are adamant, despite our limited use of the system, that we are commercial users and must pay £1995 per annum for the privilege.  In the current economic climate this is something that we cannot afford.

With immediate effect we will no longer be able to create, file, open, close nor monitor flight plans that reference EGHS.

Whilst some may view this as a safety issue as we will no longer be aware of your ETA at the field and thus be unable to take the appropriate action when you do not arrive, the airfield is PPR and we should be aware of your impending arrival.  If you phone, text or email the airfield with your ETA we will endeavour to provide a watching brief.

Phone number: +44(0)1963 364231

Text: +44(0)7813 901643