If you live locally

If you live locally.

For many years now, Henstridge Airfield has had in place a noise abatement policy, which we agreed with local District and Parish Councils, in order that we live in harmony with our neighbours.

Henstridge Airfield is situated in ‘free’ airspace.  With the exception of Yeovilton there are virtually no lawful restrictions on aircraft movements for many miles around.

Our noise abatement policy applies only to aircraft resident at Henstridge.

We are effectively asking our resident aircraft to forfeit some of the rights conferred upon them by the Air Navigation Order (ANO) in exchange for residence at the airfield.

We try to encourage visitors to adhere to the policy, but there is no obligation on aircraft from the several nearby airfields, and the hundreds of farm strips in Dorset and Somerset to comply as they fly by on their lawful business.

In the same way that there is no such thing as a silent farm, lawn mower, motorcycle, next door neighbour or even church, we cannot completely eliminate noise generated by the airfield, but if you feel that you have a valid complaint concerning aircraft noise, we would like to hear it in order that we may be able to do something about it.

Our e-mail address is mail@gp-services.net .  Please use this to contact us if you have a complaint, or indeed should you wish to pass favourable comment.

E-mails received will be treated as confidential.  Unless you ask otherwise, we will keep a record of the e-mail addresses of those who contact us in order that we can advise you  in advance of any event which may involve more activity than usual at the airfield.

If you feel the need to complain, though, note that a non-specific complaint about noise in general will not be accepted.  To follow up a complaint we will need at least a time and place of the incident, and if possible a description of the aircraft involved.

We maintain minute-by minute records of aircraft landing and taking off from the airfield.  With the detailed information above we can gauge whether or not the aircraft is one of ours.  If it is, and if it is indeed out of order, then we will speak to the pilot.

Each year, we convene a Consultative Committee which is open to the public and which you are welcome to attend.  Committee members are found from local Parish and County councils and also airfield users.  Members of the public are allowed a few minutes at the start of the meeting to speak if they wish.


Draft Minutes of the Henstridge Airfield Consultative Committee (HACC) meeting held on the 19th October 2016.

Commencing at 5.02pm.

 Those Present.

John Pett ..Chairman.Representing Henstridge Aircraft owners..{J.P}

Geoff Jarvis..Airfield owner..{G.J}

Bob Penfold..Stalbridge Town Council..{B.P}

Susanna Cooke..Local Resident..{S.C}

Steve Scott..Local Resident..{S.S}

Angela Barton..Local Resident..{A.B}

Zoe Godden..Henstridge PC..{Z.G}

David Redwood..Fifehead Parish Meeting..{D.R}..

No Apologies for absence were received.

JP opened the meeting by reminding everyone that the purpose of the committee was to share information and that the committee had no power to make decision other than upon its own constitution or terms of reference.

Minutes and Matters arising.

It was asked whether the Agenda was on the website. GJ confirmed it was not and nor were minutes.

AB asked if the agenda was to be published in the BMV.  GJ said no, it was cost prohibitive.

It was asked that it be put on the Website in future.   JP agreed.

AB asked if a cut off for inclusion of items could be similarly published.

AB commented in respect of the previous minutes that the comment about Jim Fitch was inappropriate;  GJ confirmed JF had been asked and had agreed inclusion.

 Open Forum.

DR questioned if this was the time to discuss overflying.

AB stated she had stopped ringing in.  GJ stated better to email or phone in after an event as during may compromise safety.

DR suggested he had given up and was just producing a log.

DR stated his neighbour had had reason to complain of a direct overflight earlier in the day. GJ pointed out and evidenced the facts of the matter that had already been investigated.

DR stated that the website information was poor and that the OS avoid map should be returned to a PDF on the website so it could be printed at larger scale. JP agreed.

AB said someone had emailed her about helicopters night flying in the area, GJ confirmed that there had been two Wildcats in the area recently and that he was aware of possible Chinook activity later in the evening.

AB stated complainants found reactionary reaction off putting.

SS stated that there was a marked improvement on last year in the Buckhorn/Kington areas in respect of over flight.

DR stated he wasn’t complaining because they do, rather they shouldn’t and that he felt there was loss of moral compass.

DR commented on the two forced landings in the area in the last 18months, suggesting a third would imply a trend and that this made it all the more important to avoid overflying villages.

JP explained that this was out of some 8000 movements.

JP also explained the difficulties with height, distance and position.

DR suggested a big sign should be put above the big map to make people aware of it.

Activity since last meeting

No comments were made

Comments received.

No comments were made

Forthcoming events

GJ listed and gave approximate dates saying they would be put on the website when finalised.

 Any Other Business   – There was none.

Next meeting   –  A tentative date of the 19th October 2017 was agreed.  NOTE:
The date shown for the next meeting will probably be changed to 18th October 2017.  This will be confirmed at a later date.

Meeting finished at an unrecorded time as the writer like Mr Redwood during the day doesn’t wear a watch.