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      Hot meals available on weekdays – please see Catering Page for details…

Changing your Radio to 8.33kHz?

Henstridge Airfield is looking into the possibility of placing a Bulk Order for TRIG Radios.

The plan is to get a reasonable price and a simplified way of applying for the 20% rebate from the CAA.

Anyone who is interested should email Geoff Jarvis – – before the end of January.  Please send him details of the radio you would like to order along with the Registration and Radio Licence number of the aeroplane it will go into.   The 2 main radio options are TY91 and TY96 details of them can be found on the internet.

Noise abatement

All pilots are reminded of the importance of adhering to our noise abatement protocol when joining and departing.

Our advertised “Avoid” areas are the little RED blobs on the noise abatement map.  Please do not overfly these.

If possible make left turns when departing from 25… keeping the Marsh Lane Fish ponds on your right.  If you are landing on 07. .keep the ponds on your left.

You can find the noise abatement map on the Flying into Henstridge page on this website and in the clubhouse.

Hours of operation

Op hours for visiting aircraft: 9 am to 5 pm local, or sunset if earlier.

Runways   07/25,   750 x 26 metres, asphalt

Landing Fees

  • Microlights & gyrocopters, £5.
  • Single/twin, £10.

Aviation Fuels per litre

January prices

  • Avgas 100LL      £1.62 inc VAT
  • Avgas UL91       £1.62 inc VAT
  • Jet A-1               £0.76 inc VAT

Cash or credit card payments only, please.  We accept all the major credit cards for sums in excess of £10.  Note that cheques are not accepted at the airfield.

The draft minutes of the October 2016 meeting are shown on the ‘If you live locally’ page.


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